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Creatio ex nihilo 11oz Ceramic Mug - Christian coffee mugs Inspirational Gifts

Creatio ex nihilo 11oz Ceramic Mug - Christian coffee mugs Inspirational Gifts

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Relax, sit back and enjoy your Creatio ex nihilo 11oz ceramic white mug celebrate God's gift. A perfect way to start your day reflecting upon the beautiful world around us, God's gift for you everything before us was created out of nothing by him - 'creation out of nothing'.

So as you are getting ready to go exercise, do yoga or head off to work for the day - stop take a breath and remember where we came from. Center yourself, breathe, relax and reflect and prepare for whatever you have on your agenda today.

Whether it's your morning coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea. It's dishwasher safe because let's face it who needs the extra work and hassle. It's microwave safe so take that call from your friend, talk as long you want and then microwave your way to a mugful of joy, one ding at a time!  


So with a smile as big as her dreams, Terrie invites you to join the WhatYa Say community and embrace a lifestyle that's all about laughter, adventure, and unapologetic enjoyment.

- Customize and personalize by choosing the color of the handle, rim and inside for your cup white, red, pink, yellow, green, blue or black

 - Ceramic 11oz mug, because a ceramic coffee mug is like wrapping your favorite drink in a warm blanket – your drink deserves the best just like you do

- Dishwasher safe because nobody needs the hassle or wearing rubber gloves 

- Microwave safe, because like the song sometimes you just like it Hot! Hot! Hot! 


- Product safety tests conducted by independent third-party laboratories. We asked Mom and she gave it 2 thumbs up!

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