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Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita! - Seventeener White Latte 17oz Ceramic Mug

Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita! - Seventeener White Latte 17oz Ceramic Mug

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Introducing our "Seventeener" 17oz Latte ceramic mug.  Now for your Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita! comes in a 17oz Latte ceramic mug when 16oz isn't enough and you need a little extra something to start your day. Whatever you start with coffee, hot chocolate, or something stronger (no judgment) just enjoy.  I heard your phone ping, so pop your mug in the microwave, hit the button, go ahead finish texting your friend about you know who, and enjoy a hot cup of course it's microwave safe. Heading out put your mug in the dishwasher, it'll be ready when you get back because its dishwasher safe too. 

WhatYa Say brands are all about positive vibes and catchy sayings celebrating the great outdoors and enjoying living. From beach life to lake life, outdoor events to water sports, hiking to kayaking, barbecues to fun parties, boating to a casual sip of an adult beverage in your Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita! mug. Terrie Marshall the founder of WhatYa Say wants our brands to capture the essence of a life well-lived!

Oh yeah, the artist let us know after he finished the original artwork for Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita! he didn't waste the model (smile).  He hopes you enjoy the beverage of your choice in your mug too! So with a smile as big as her dreams, Terrie invites you to join our WhatYa Say community and embrace a lifestyle full of laughter, adventure, and unapologetic enjoyment.

- Ceramic mug because you deserve better than plastic or paper 

- 17oz mug the "Seventeener" because you just need more than 16oz  

- Dishwasher safe because we know your to busy having fun to wash dishes 

-  Microwave safe for life's little interruptions, hold on a second, I’ve got to answer this call.


-  That was Mom she wanted me to let you know she loves her new "Seventeener" too!

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