Collection: Don’t Judge Me Till You’ve Held My Margarita! Collection

WhatYa Say brands are all about positive vibes and catchy sayings that celebrate the great outdoors and the joy of living. From beach life to lake life, outdoor events to water sports, hiking to kayaking, barbecues to fun parties, boating to a casual sip of an adult beverage.  Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita! was created using one of founder of WhatYa Say brands’ favorite sayings. Now available for the first time supported with original artwork to fulfill the brands vision and capture the essence of a life well-lived. The artist strives to capture the fun of Don't Judge Me Till You've Held My Margarita!  With a smile as big as her dreams, Terrie invites you to join the WhatYa Say community and embrace a lifestyle that's all about laughter, adventure, and unapologetic enjoyment.